Privacy Policy

This information on privacy rights describes the processing of the personal data uploaded to or collected on the website and any other site on which it is published. We view your customer security as paramount. Our goal is to protect your information and it is password-protected to prevent unauthorised access to it.

Any personal information you provide to us and from which you can be identified is stored securely and confidentially and is processed fairly and lawfully in accordance with this privacy policy.

We collect two basic types of information: personal data and anonymous data; furthermore, we may use either personal or anonymous data for the creation of a third type of information: aggregate data.

We may share your personal information with third parties that you may be interested in. We may permit our vendors and subcontractors to access your personal information, but only in connection with performing services for us.

There is one thing you must notice that the links to other websites have their own privacy policies, we are not responsible for the privacy policies of these websites.