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ADRK Klubsieger 2007
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Fun with Friends

Michael Paez & Crystal Kennedy

3 Wise Men
Myself, Darren Rawlings & Joe Krizanovic

With my good buddy & great guy - Gagan Singh

Myself & the lovely Crystal Kennedy

Rottweiler Club of South Australia Speciality Show
18 - 21 June 2010

No better way to spend a day than with good friends!

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ADRK Klubsieger 2007

FRIENDS-F/row-Myself - Mladen & Petra (vh Edelstein)
B/row-Ange & Jared (Svawill) - John & Susie (Rakaaz) -
Istvan & Jenny (Heizas) & Denis (v Brajnovic) 
With Destiny od Dragicevica V2-working females

Happy, with Jenny & Istvan after Heizas Happy V8
in Inter Females

With Milan Skoric-IFR 2006 World Ch - 2007
3rd place & great guy

Myself, Ange and Jared in Rottweil -Germany

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"Awards / Titles"

RCV Championship Show February 2014
Judge Mrs Donna Wright (New Zealand)

Best Junior Female & Best Junior in Show - Svawill Wenna
Congratulations to her owners Michael Paez & Crystal Kennedy
This is her 8th first place in 8 Specialty shows!

Junior Females - V2 Wella, V3 Xara & V1 Wenna

Svawill Xara - V3 Junior females


23rd National Championship Show 2013 - Adelaide, South Australia
Judge: Mr Anton Spindler (Germany)

RCSA - Wenna
Svawill Wenna - VP1 Minor Females (6-9 months) & Best Minor Puppy In Show
Owners - Michael Paez & Crystal Kennedy

RCSA - Oli
Svawill Oli - V3 Open Females

RCSA - Yanosch
Yanosch Vom Hause Edelstein - V3 Intermediate Males

RCSA - Heizas Natural Night
Heizas Natural Night - SG4 Junior Males


Congratulations to Aust Champion HT Svawill Questra on Gaining her Australian Championship Title
A Big Thank you to owner Nicole Phillips for her continuous and hard work with Questra

Questra   Questra


Congratulations to Svawill Willow and Owner Sarah Gordon for
Best Baby Puppy in Group at Darwin All breeds Show



RCV 51st Championship Show, 30th March - 22 - 24 February 2013
Judge: Mrs Norma Window (UK)

BISS, Best Male in Show & Best Intermediate in Show

With Mrs. Norma Window & Our Little Buddy Jack Beerens

Wenna  Willis
Svawill Wenna - Best Baby Puppy In Show                                        Svawill Willis - Opposite Baby Puppy In Show  
Pictured with owners Michael Paez & Crystal Kennedy                                Pictured with owners Che & Simone St John           


RCQ Double Championship Show, 14th & 15th July 2012

Team Svawill great results at Rottweiler Club Of Queensland Double Champ Show 14 & 15th July 2012
Pictured with Breed Specialist Judge Miss Brooke Turner - Australia

Multi V1 Rated Svawill Reidel

RCNSW 53rd Championship Show, 30th March - 1st April 2012
Judge: Mr Refet Hadzic (Bosnia)

Herbie  Herbie
RUBISS, VI Open Females & Best Female In Show
Pictured at right with Best in Show, Alchemy War Pigs

Multi V1 Svawill Questra - V1 Intermediate Females & Opposite Intermediate In Show


Svawill Quade
V2 18-36 Months Males


Svawill Riedel SG6 12-18 Months Females (Owners D & J Boyce)


RCV 49th Championship Show, 16-18th March 2012
Judge: Mr Alfredo Estrada Santiago

RUBISS VI Female 18-36 Months & Best Female In Show (170 Entries)

LuLu  LuLu

Congratulations to Owner Nicole Philips and Thank You to Rachel MacDonald (handler)

Svawill Quade
V2 18-36 Months Males


Svawill Oli
V3 Australian Bred Class Females


21st Australian National Rottweiler Championship Show, 28th - 31st October 2011
Judge: Olga Grin (FCI - Russia)

Svawill Questra                                                                  Svawill Quade                     
V1 Females -12 to 18 months & Best Junior In Show             V1 Males - 12 to 18 months & Opposite In Show      

Svawill Orti
V1 Females 18 to 24 months & Opposite Intermediate in Show

Congratulations to owners Nicole Phillips - Questra, Darren Rawlings - Quade & Sue Smith - Orti
A Big Thank You to Rachel Macdonald & Michael Paez for their help in handling our dogs

Congratulations to
Wenno Of Nicola's Lion
V1 & Best Veteran In Show, and Sire of Best progeny In Show

A Special Rottweiler that has done so much for our Breed In Australia.
At 9 years and 2 months of age he is in top physical condition and is a credit to Susie & John Baird
for his up keeping at Rakaaz Rottweilers.
A special Thank You to Petra Kovacic & Mladen Modrusan of Vom Hause Edelstein Rottweilers (Croatia)
for making it possible to keep Wenno in Australia.

NDRC Of NSW Specialty Rottweiler Show April 2011
Judge: Michele Thomas (Australia)

Svawill Riedel - Best Female 3 to 6 months & Best Baby Puppy in Show
Pictured with owner, Nicole Phillips

Questra  Questra
Svawill Questra - VP1 Female Class 9 to 12 Months
Pictured with owner, Nicole Phillips

Rottweiler Club of Victoria, 44th Championship Show
Judge: Dr Roberta Veale (Australia)

Congratulations Wenno Of Nicolas Lion for his 12th Stud Dog In Show Win!
For more information on Wenno, please visit Rakaaz Rottweilers

Svawill Quake - Best male puppy 3 to 6 months & Runner Up Puppy in Show 3 to 6 months

Quake and Quade
Svawill Quake VP1 & Svawill Quade VP2 - in male class 3 to 6 months

Quake and Quade
Svawill Orti - V2 Female 12 to 18 months

Northern Districts Rottweiler Club Of NSW Championship Show
Judge: Bainca Miksic Kasun (Croatia)

Svawill Oli - Best Female 9 to 12 months & Best Exhibit in Show 9 to 12 months

Svawill Oli VP1 & Svawill Oti VP3 - owner Joe Zapulla

Rottweiler Club of South Australia - 35th Championship Show
Judge: Hans Paul Zangerl (Switzerland)

Freni Vom Hause Edelstein - V1 Open Females & Opposite Open in Show


Svawill Oli - Best Female 6 to 9 months & Best in Show 6 to 9 months

Rottweiler Club of Victoria - 44th Championship Show
Judge - Herr Werner Walter (ADRK - Germany)

44th Champ Show

   44th Champ Show  44th Champ Show
Svawill Logan
V1-Best Male 12/18 months & Best Exibit in Show 12/18 Months

19th Rottweiler National Show

Svawill Logan
VP1 Puppy Dog and Puppy In Show (9-12 months)

Freni  Freni
Freni Vom Hause Edelstein (Imp Croatia)
V2 Open Bitch & Reserve Challenge Bitch


Herbie  Herbie
Vom Hause Edelstein Multi V Rated, ET (Imp Croatia)
V3 Intermediate Bitch

19th National Rottweiler Show
V1 Intermediate Bitch and Best Intermediate in Show
NDRC of NSW Specialty Show

Karma  Karma
Kermaren Karma
VP3 Baby Puppy Bitch
19th National Rottweiler Show
VP1 Baby Puppy Bitch and Best Baby Puppy in Show
NDRC of NSW Specialty Show
Bred by Kerry Osborne, owned by Svawill Rottweilers

Herbie v h Edelstein V1 Inter & Best Inter in Show
NDRC (judge Carsten Henrickson)
Kermaren Karma Best baby puppy in show, also
pictured with Son Jared the judge and yours truly
Pictured are Rob de Vries, Judge L.Russell & Sam de Vries with Svawill Logan's Best Puppy in Show Award
Punch is awarded his NRCA CH title Oct 2005

Wenno is Best In Specialty Show in QLD July 2006

Gallery     Gallery
Wenno is Best In Specialty Show NDRC Sept 2006

Zoran, Jimmy, Mick and Susie @ NDRC Sept 2006

Winners are Grinners - Mick and Jimmy

Svawill Kaja - Best Female 6-12months @
NSW Rottwieller Club Speciality Show
(Judge - Herr Edgar Hellmann - ADRK - Gmy)
April 2007 Owners Michelle and Simon Goddard

Svawill Hanni - Multi V rated and
Australian Champion
Owned by Tony and Hedi Foot

Svawill Hajduk
Multi youth winner, Multi V rated
Owner: Joe Krizanovic

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Working Photos

2005 Broadmeadows Working club seminar with Bernhard Flinks and Alex Bayer

Simon, Bernhard Flinks and Myself

Myself, Alex Bayer and Simon

Gallery     Gallery

Punch on track

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