Good 2017-18 River Plate Home Football Shirt

Designed and manufactured by the sportswear giant Adidas, the brand new home shirt was released officially for River Plate in the new 2017-2018 season.

When it comes to one of the successful football clubs in Argentina, football fans must know River Plate or River. It refers to Club Atlético River Plate, an Argentine sports club. The club’s name was derived from an incident. One of the club’s founders saw accidentally workers leaving their duties for a while to play a football match on their ship. And the river was called Río de la Plata(the River Plate), so that name of the river was taken to name the new club.

Although there are several sports governed by the sports club, River is best known for its professional football team which has won the most trophies. River Plate has consolidated its place as one of the most popular teams of Argentina. Domestically, it won 36 league titles in La Primera división del fútbol argentino, the top division in Argentina, 2 second division champions and 9 national cups. At international level, River Plate has won a total of 16 official titles.


The team plays home matches at Estadio Antonio Vespucio Liberti(also called El Monumental) with a capacity of 65,645 spectators. It is also the stadium where Argentina national team plays most of their home matches. In 1986, the stadium got its current name in honor of the president who initiated its construction. El Monumental is located towards the north of the city of Buenos Aires in the Belgrano area. The government provides a convenient transportation solution for people going there. As a loyal fan of the club, you must visit it when there are no matches being held.

Back to the newly unveiled home shirt, it continues the classic design to show the long history and profound culture of River Plate, meanwhile, the shirt reflects Adidas’s respect for the team.

The shirt features a henley collar and is predominately white. A red diagonal stripe on the front of the shirt is classic and eye-catching. The names of sponsors HUAWEI and BBVA(Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria) are all black and sewn on the sleeves and the front of the shirt. Iconic Adidas logo and three stripes are respectively black and light gray. Most interestingly, you can not see the Adidas stripes on both sides of the shirt unless you look carefully. At the back of the shirt, a slogan “El Mas Grande(the greatest)” and a red diagonal are shown. The slogan symbolizes the greatest victories of the club.

Different with previous River Plate jerseys, the name and number of a player use a hollow design this time.

Black shorts and white socks complete the new home kit. You can get it at Cheap Football Shirts Replica.

Adidas’ advanced Climacool technology is used to keep players cool and comfortable. In terms of environmental protection, Adidas is trying to cut down on plastic waste and has to talk about sustainability. It has replaced defensive environmentalism with eco-innovation. Accordingly, the shirt is made from recycled polyester reducing the carbon dioxide emissions and lowering the impact on environment, at the same time, showing Adidas’ environmental awareness.

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